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Our Products

Compleat Adult

Each capsule contains a minimum of 270mg of pure flax sprouts and a minimum of 270mg of plant sprout powder (Nutricare). 


A capsule contains at least 500mg of dried sprouted flax powder. Flax is nature's richest source of Omega 3 and is also rich in lignans. 


Do you need to know how to detox your liver?  Livade is a unique and totally natural supplement to benefit persons with liver disorders ... 


Marecamin is an organic calcium with other mineral supplements derived from calcified coralline Thallaphyta. Each capsule contains ...


Nutricare comprised entirely of 600 mg (per capsule) of ground, pressure dried sprouts, 50% Barley together with Lupin, Fenugreek, Sunflower and Soya. .


Each 600 mg capsule contains:
300 mg mixed vegetable and cereal sprouts in powder form and 300 mg organic Sutherlandia. 

Production Process


The production process of the powder found in Compleat Adult, Nutricare, Sterolandia 50 and Flexiflax involves a highly specialised technique of sprouting and drying to ensure that the final product is of the highest quality.

The sprouting process uses only the highest quality, non GMO, non treated seed with a high germination rate. No soil is used in the process which implies that the entire plant is used, and since most of the plant’s goodness lie in the roots, the benefit is obvious.

The sprouting process takes 5-8 days during which time the seed energy is converted to a viable, highly nutritious sprout. No fertiliser is used.

Once the sprouts are ready for harvesting, they are rinsed in clean water, minced up and within two hours placed in a purpose built drier. The drying process removes almost all the moisture (96%), but leaves the biological integrity of the product intact. This is due to the fact that the entire drying process takes place within a very narrow temperature band, and very close to the growing temperature of the plant. The plant is rendered stable and dry without being frozen or cooked. This process is called Lyophilisation.

The entire process takes about 18 hours, after which the product is milled into a fine powder, blended and shipped to a Medicines Control Council approved facility for encapsulation. This special production process ensures that none of the intrinsic nutritional properties of the original sprout are lost or reduced. When the powder is consumed in the body, all of the original phytonutrients (the enzymes, minerals, vitamins and sterols/sterolins) are present and are over 95% bioavailable, almost all of it is feeding the body..